Le Timut Citrus


Working Method

Madeleine chocolate biscuit
  • Mix eggs and sugar in high speed, for 5 m, Melt butter, oil chocolate and milk at 45c.
  • Mix flour salt and BP, add sabayon to chocolate mix and flour .
  • Mix gently.
  • Spread out on a tray 40/60 400g  and bake ad 180°C for 9-10 min in a convection oven

Feuillantine crisp biscuit
  • Melt the Chocolate40°C and add butter, melt. Mix well.
  • Spread in between paper sheet to 7mm.
  • Keep in freezer. Cut desire shape and keep freezer

Citrus compote
  • Make the supreme of orange, pomelo rose and lemon. Add 2g Timut pepper.
  • Boil all fruit ssupreme, add sugar and pectine and cook at 103°c
  • Add gelatin mass and boil again.
  • Pour in silicon mould. Set in freezer and after 10m add macha biscuit ring on top of it.  

Lait “Cremeux”
  •  400g/mould
  • When “Crème anglaise is finished add gelatin
  • Mix well.
  • Pour into chocolate compound , mix well with blender.
  • When mix at 35°c incorporate soft whipped cream.
  • Pour into ring, freeze.  

Dark chocolate mousse
  • 600g/mould
  • Melt coverlux and Ebony at 45°c,
  • Boil cream and Timut pepper, Infuse 10m.
  • Warm cream and add soak gelatin, mix well
  • Pour into chocolate, blend until smooth.
  • When mix at 40°c, incorporate whipped cream.