Coffee Peru 64% Bonbon


Working Method

Ganache coffee/Peru
  • Warm cream at 90⁰c add coffee beans, cover with film paper. Keep infusion for 24h in refrigerator.
  •  Next day warm at 65⁰c then strain. Check cream weight (590g). warm again 65⁰c
  • Add glucose powder, Trimoline and sorbitol, mix well
  • Pour into chocolate coins, mix with hand blender or in “Stephan” mixer
  • When ganache is at 32⁰c add butter, mix well until smooth.

Method to frame the ganache
  •  Temper some Belcolade Selection Noir, Lait or Blanc and spread a thin layer of the tempered chocolate on baking paper and put immediately a frame on top. 
  • Spread the ganache evenly out in the frame. 
  • Leave to crystallize for about 24 hours at a temperature of 16-18°C and an average humidity below 60%.

Finishing dipping
  • Dip with tempering machine. 31⁰c
  • Mix chocolate 50%-50%