Puratos brings sourdough know-how to the International Symposium on Sourdough

14 Jun 2022


Over the years Puratos has developed expertise in natural fermentation and knowledge of baking cultures from all over the world, acting as a global leader in the sourdough market since 1994. 

On June 14-17, Puratos’s team shared their most recent insights and innovations with the bakery community attending the VIII International Symposium on Sourdough held in Bolzano, Italy. 


The world of bread is endless, branching out into a wealth of textures, recipes and traditions. But its roots are quite simple. It all starts with natural fermentation. With sourdough and grains. To chart baking traditions and unlock the full potential of bread, Puratos embarked on a ‘Quest for Sourdough’ around the world. Karl De Smedt lives this quest every day. He is Puratos’s dedicated ‘Sourdough Librarian’, traveling the world in search of old bread traditions and preserving the unique sourdoughs in the world’s only Sourdough Library since 2013.

During his presentation at the Symposium on Sourdough, Karl De Smedt shared the findings from his 10-year quest and immerse the Symposium’s participants in the discoveries from the Sourdough Library. 


The VIII International Symposium on Sourdough brings together companies, research institutes, scientists and universities that are united by their passion for sourdough. From sourdough biotechnology, functionalities, and health aspects of fermentations, to the most recent sourdough technologies and innovations, the Symposium facilitates stimulating conversations among sourdough experts from various industries. 


At Puratos, we help bakers be successful by turning the heritage of bread from food cultures around the world into new opportunities. Over 250 generations of bakers have kneaded their hearts and their souls into bread. All to bake even better bread. By getting the most from the heritage of bread and respecting its three cornerstones – health, taste, and texture – we move the heritage of bread forward and help bakers be successful with their business today. How do we do it? We research and preserve the heritage of bread in our Sourdough Library, re-introduce traditional ingredients like sourdoughs and ancient specialty grains and work on innovations inspired by nature. It’s all about enabling our customers to join the tradition and create the future with their own authentic signature bread.

Puratos’s leading Sourdoughs allow you to produce fresh, tasty and high-quality bread products easily and quickly. Increasing productivity, enhancing aromas and expanding product possibilities, our sourdough range provides satisfaction and convenience for consumers, bakers and industrials alike.   

Want to join the tradition? Discover our range of sourdoughs today

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