Choco 'Boul'



  1. Chocolate biscuit
  2. Pistache chantilly
  3. Raspberry seed jam
  4. White Carat Cremeux


Chocolate Biscuit
  1. In mixing bowl add all ingredients together, with paddle mix medium speed for 4-5 minute
  2. Pipe in half sphere silicon mold, bake 180°C for 9 minutes.

Pistachio Chantilly
  1. Warm creams at 65°C
  2. Add pistachio pure paste
  3. Melt Coverlux white with hand blender mix all until smooth
  4. Keep in fridge 4°C

Raspberry Filling
  1. Mix raspberry jam and lemon juice
  2. Pour filling in piping bag

Colored Coverlux White
  1. Melt Coverlux at 45°C, and divide in two
  2. First half (1000 g) add yellow color powder and hand blend. Keep at 45°C
  3. Second half will be divide in 4 (4x250g) and add respectively different color and hand blend
  4. First pour all yellow compound, then pipe each color making lines
  5. Keep all compound at 40°C
  6. Ready to dip

Vanilla Shortcrust
  1. Roll out 2mm and cut round same size of half biscuit diameter


  1. Dip all half of chocolate biscuit in colored compound and fix them onto shortcrust disk
  2. Pipe 3 g of raspberry jam on top of biscuit, and add a disk of Coverlux decoration
  3. Whip pistachio chantilly and pipe it on top of first half biscuit
  4. Cover cream pistachio with second half of biscuit and decorate with sugar flower