Icing, fudges & ganaches

No cupcake, donut or brownie is complete without a good icing or fudge filler. Puratos Icing and Fudges can be used to enhance all patisserie and bakery products, helping you satisfy customer demands and expectations.

Icings & Fudges

Icings & fudges

An icing or fudge is a sweet product that is applied to a patisserie or bakery product in order to:

  • Make it more visually appealing
  • Provide a sweet layer that can be either soft or crunchy
  • Improve taste and texture


There’s nothing as delicious or seductive as a cake made with chocolate. Chocolate fillings, sauces and creams add a deep and dreamy dimension to your creations, making them truly irresistible.

Consumers love chocolate. And at Puratos, we know how to make chocolate taste good. We also know how to make it convenient and easy to use across a wide range of patisserie products.

Puratos’ indulgent selection of ganaches will transform your patisserie creations. Our Belcolade and Carat Ganaches can be used to coat bavarois, mousse cakes, cream cakes, chou pastry, donuts, brownies and pies. They also make the perfect filling for layer cakes and pralines.

Icing, fudges & ganaches


Cocoa Butter

Real Chocolate, Ganaches, Glazes

Is pure 100% fat made from cacao bean, that can be use in chocolate applications, Ganache, Glazing, base for Coloring, and molding

Sirop De Glucose Confiseur

Patisserie, Ganaches, Glazes

Highly refined confectioner’s glucose with a “dextrose equivalent” use in chocolate filling to keep moist and soft, and also use in glazing to give shinyness

Miroir Plus Chocolat Noir

Glazes, Icings & fudges

Ready to use high quality glaze with real Belgian chocolate taste. Suitable for fine and delicate products with excellent freeze-thaw stability.

Trimoline Sir Sucre Invert 11K

Patisserie, Ganaches, Fillings

Invert sugar to allow to the baked goods to stay fresher, and into filling to give smoothness and softness

Snowline S11

Fine patisserie mixes, Glazes, Icings & fudges

Finest fondant powder contain 11% glucose syrup


Mousse and bavarois mixes, Non-dairy toppings, Ganaches

Imagine a gift so precious as to give you the best of both worlds: a superior vanilla taste and the smooth texture of a non-dairy cream. Chantypak is that gift

Industrial Patisserie Competence Center

The IPCC offers industrial patissiers a fully-equipped test centre dedicated to technological innovation and process optimisation.


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Chocolate Center

At our Chocolate Centers, Puratos experts research the latest trends in chocolate production while also developing new concepts, products, processes and technologies.


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