Visual seduction plays an important role in customers’ in-store purchasing decisions. Glazes and decorations are therefore essential for differentiating bakery and patisserie products and converting passing interest into transaction.

What are the benefits of using Puratos Glazes?

Puratos Glazes offer a brilliant and practical enhancement for patisserie and bakery products. But our pastry glazes don’t just help to emphasize product colour, beauty and appeal; they also improve taste and texture while protecting and prolonging freshness.

Since 1990, when we invented and launched our Miroir product, we’ve been expanding our portfolio of glazes with innovations and developments designed to meet customer needs.



Cocoa Butter

Real Chocolate, Ganaches, Glazes

Is pure 100% fat made from cacao bean, that can be use in chocolate applications, Ganache, Glazing, base for Coloring, and molding

Sirop De Glucose Confiseur

Patisserie, Ganaches, Glazes

Highly refined confectioner’s glucose with a “dextrose equivalent” use in chocolate filling to keep moist and soft, and also use in glazing to give shinyness

Miroir Plus Chocolat Noir

Glazes, Icings & fudges

Ready to use high quality glaze with real Belgian chocolate taste. Suitable for fine and delicate products with excellent freeze-thaw stability.

Snowline S11

Fine patisserie mixes, Glazes, Icings & fudges

Finest fondant powder contain 11% glucose syrup

Miroir Glassage Noir


Chocolate flavoured glaze.

Glacage Miroir + Neutre

Patisserie, Glazes

Premium clear glaze gives higher gelling strength, shiny cake surface, use in cold application.

Starfix IP 40 Neutre

Patisserie, Glazes

Premium clear glaze gives higher gelling strength,40 to 60% dilution, to be heated at 90°C for the best yield and perfect stability.

Gelstar Blond

Patisserie, Glazes

Apricot concentrate glaze, 30% dilution, to be heated at 90°C for the best yield and perfect stability.

Fondant Vega

Patisserie, Glazes

A nice glaze cooking sugar give a shiny “crust” on eclairs, cupcakes, cookies, napoleons, etc.



Our range of high-quality glazes, Miroir makes bavarois and mousses both shiny and attractive. Miroir is the perfect product to reflect style and art in the fine patisserie sector. Ready to use neutral Glaze for making mirror on bavarois

Harmony Sublimo


The first cold-setting glaze, Harmony Sublimo offers all the advantages of existing hot and cold glazes in one ready-to-use solution. Ideal for preserving the colour, shape and firmness of your fresh fruits.

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