Roll Cakes


Roll Cake Biscuit
Tegral Sponge Vanilla 500
Eggs 560
Oil 100
Water 100
Roll Cake Biscuit total 1260
Light Cream
Cremyvit 190 Cremyvit Classic
Milk 500
Chantypak 250
Light Cream total 940


  1. Roll cake biscuit (Tegral sponge)
  2. Light cream (Cremyvit Classic)


Roll Cake Biscuit
  1. Mix Tegral sponge, water and eggs together for 2 minutes, then mix in high speed for 10 minutes
  2. Then in low speed add oil
  3. Mix for 1 minute
  4. Spread 250g per tray 26cm x 34cm
  5. Bake 210C 190C for 10 minutes

Light Cream
  1. Make a custard cream and add soft peak cream