Compound Chocolate

Compound chocolate is made of cocoa powder and vegetable fats like palm kernel oil or coconut oil. It looks like chocolate, tastes like chocolate but it is much easier to use. Simply melt it and apply for any type of application. Puratos offers a high quality selection of compound coatings for a wide variety of applications. By selecting only the finest cocoa beans and freshest ingredients, the Carat range stands out for its superior quality, excellent taste experience and the right texture and viscosity.

Compound chocolate tailored to local tastes

Carat compound chocolate products are manufactured in Puratos plants around the world. The range is adapted in every region to the local taste preferences and application requirements. Local production also ensures that customers can rely on the same quality standards and product consistency, regardless of where they buy their products. In addition, we always strive to develop innovative concepts that bring a new lease of life to the world of compound chocolate.

Custom creations

Whether you are looking for solutions for moulding, dipping, panning, decorating, flavouring or bake-stable applications, Carat compound chocolates will offer top-notch performance every time. Pastry chefs, bakers and chocolatiers are delighted with how easy the products are to use. With our compound chocolate range, and our focus on ease-of-use and customization, our customers can spend their time on creating new and innovative products. Puratos also offers solutions tailored to your personal requirements for taste, performance and production.

Compound Chocolate


Carat Dark Chips 10000

Compound Chocolate

Dark compound chocolate chips size 10000

Carat Coverliq Dark Cake

Compound Chocolate

Dark compound chocolate used for coating with Thin enrobing and dipping of cookies, crunchy or soft products, shiny appearance, excellent cost-in-use

Carat Coverlux Dark

Compound Chocolate

Compound dark chocolate available in drops and block

Carat Coverlux White

Compound Chocolate

Compound white chocolate available in drops and block

Carat Coverlux Milk

Compound Chocolate

Compound milk chocolate available in drops and block

Carat Coverliq Matcha Tea Coating MT000

Compound Chocolate

REAL matcha flavour compound chocolate for coating.

Carat Coverliq Strawberry Coating ST003

Compound Chocolate

Strawberry flavour compound chocolate for coating

Carat Coverliq Banana Coating BA000

Compound Chocolate

Banana flavour compound chocolate for coating.

Chocolate Center

At our Chocolate Centers, Puratos experts research the latest trends in chocolate production while also developing new concepts, products, processes and technologies.


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Cacao Trace

Cacao-Trace is Puratos’ sustainable cocoa programme. It has two aims: empower farmers to produce better quality beans and ensure that cocoa farming remains an attractive business in the future.


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