Yuza Dark Choco 65 Bar


Yuza Dark Choco 65 Bar
Cream 35% 190
PatisFrance Glucose 27
Sorbitol powder 46
Belcolade selection noir 65% CT 182
Dextrose 49
Butter 9
Yuza Dark Choco 65 Bar total 503
Yuzu Jelly
Yuzu juice 250
Sugar 1601
Pectine NH 12
Yuzu Jelly total 1863


Yuzu Dark Choco 65 Bar
  • Warm cream at 85°c and add Dextrose, glucose and Sorbitol.
  • Pour onto the Belcolade Selection noir 65% Cacao-Trace chocolate drops and add the soft butter.
  • Mix with an immersion blender.

Yuzu Jelly
  • Boil the puree add half of sugar, then add the rest of sugar mixed with pectin NH.
  • Cook at 103°c.


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