Orange Tourbillon



  1. Tourbillon Lemon Cremeux
  2. Orange mousse
  3. Agruma compote
  4. Biscuit almond
  5. Glaze


Agruma Compote
  1. Boil orange, lemon, mandarin segment and grapefruit juice with sugar and pepper
  2. Add gelatin.
  3. Cooldown.
  4. Pour in silicon mold and freeze

Madelleine Chocolate Biscuit
  1. Warm butter, oil at 50C
  2. Add cold milk then flours
  3. Mix well until smooth
  4. In mixing bowl whip eggs and sugar until white and smooth
  5. Add into mix 1
  6. Spread into trays 60x40cm 1 cm thick

Orange Mousse
  1. Warm puree
  2. Add sugar
  3. Cook 3-4 minutes
  4. Add gelatin
  5. When mix at 40C add whipped cream.