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Working Method

Raspberry meringue
  • Heat the first 3 ingredients au bain marie to 50°C. Whip until it reaches room temperature. Pipe on a silicone mold and sprinkle some dry raspebbries over it. Bake for 180 min in a convection type oven. Top and bottom temperature 80°C. Open damper.

Fruit filling
  • Heat the starfruit to 80°C. Add the Cremyvit Classic and mix well. Incorporate the PatisFrance Raspberry Seed Jam and pour 20 g in small half sphere molds. Sprinkle some red currant on top and freeze

Chocolate chantilly
  • Heat the Festipak to 80°C and pour it over the chocolate. Mix well and keep one night in the fridge. Whip softly at slow speed when needed.

  • Create a small disk of chocolate to place in the meringue.


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