Choco Matcha 65%


Matcha Tea Ganache
Yuzu juice 10
Water 90
Matcha tea 4
Belcolade Selection Blanc 30% Cacao-Trace 280
Cocoa butter CT 40
Sorbitol powder 22
Dextrose 30
Butter 12
Matcha Tea Ganache total 488

4 week shelf-life when stored at max 18°C and with a humidity level below 60%


Matcha Tea Ganache
  • Warm water and yuzu juice at 85°c , infuse with green tea cover plastic.
  • After infuse strain and rectify liquid quantity.
  • Add dextrose, glucose and Sorbitol.
  • Pour onto the Belcolade Selection Blanc 30% Cacao-Trace chocolate drops and add the cocoa butter & soft butter.
  • Mix with an immersion blender.


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