We can only live up to our promises with the help of a talented team of people. Indeed, it is the people at Puratos who make us who we are and make our values come to life. They are our Puratos Magic. That invisible force of quality, ethics, vision, courage, passion, and team spirit that has guided our success for the past 100 years. It’s the way we interact with colleagues, external business partners, and stakeholders, and it’s what ensures our business continues to move forward in a responsible manner.

Learning and Development

Just as innovation is the key ingredient in continued business growth,  continuous learning is the key ingredient in the sustainable success of our employees. That’s why we created our own Puratos University in 2006. The University has campuses in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, and offers top-quality training on our products, technologies and solutions, functional capacities, and leadership skills.

A new Guild learning program has been developed for all technical advisors and application specialists worldwide, with the aim of building world-class expertise on finished goods and cherishing a knowledge-sharing community where masters develop masters. The Guild programme offers multiple courses in bakery, patisserie, and chocolate expertise.

Health and Safety

Here at Puratos, we are committed to keeping our employees safe and happy, which is why we are constantly improving our health, safety and well-being policies in the workplace. Here at Puratos, we believe that one accident is one to many. We therefore strive to ensure an injury-free environment across all our operations throughout the world. We monitor and update benefits for employees and their families on a regular basis to encourage retention and to create a positive work environment. We also provide regular health check-ups for all employees and offer health insurance for them and their families to help them with medical expenses.

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Better Life

Puratos will always put its people first. We balance innovation with tradition to ensure superior quality that never compromises our values and go above and beyond to share our success with those who walk with us along the way.

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Baking and chocolate making are among mankind’s oldest and most valued skills. We take great pride in preserving this heritage.

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