Cake de Voyages Gourmand


Cake Mixture
Tegral Satin 500
Eggs 175
Water 110
Oil 140
Cake Mixture total 925
Glacage Gourmand
Belcolade White Chocolate, Blanc Selection, X605/G Drops 300
Cocoa butter 30
Almond stick 200
Grape seed oil 20
Glacage Gourmand total 550


Cake Mixture
  1. Mix in mixing bowl all ingredients together for 5 minutes in medium speed
  2. Mold in silicon or metal mould
  3. Bake at 175C

Glacage Gourmand
  1. Melt chocolate and cocoa butter separately at 40c in microwave
  2. Mix chocolate and cocoa butter
  3. Add almond and oil
  4. Use at 32C to 34C