Tegral Satin Moist Chocolate Cake

Dark moist chocolate profile with extended freshness. Suitable for low-rise cakes like pound cakes.

  • A complete mix for making moist chocolate cake with 'Acti-Fresh' technology.
  • Storage: When stored in a cool and dry place (R.H.: max 65%) at max 25°C, this product is guaranteed for 6 (six) months. Close packaging tightly after every use. Separate from potential insects contaminated ingredients/storage places. Dry storage and transportation.

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Customer advantages
  • Increased sales through innovation and differentiation
  • Endless tastes, textures and new finished products
  • Soft and moist texture with a well-balanced freshness
  • Less waste due to consistent quality
Consumer advantages
  • More delight in every bite
  • Produces a superior cake quality

Recipes you can make with Tegral Satin Moist Chocolate Cake

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